DeVry JADM 490 Week 2 Homework Latest



DeVry JADM 490 Week 2 Homework Latest



Week 2 Homework

A local civic group has asked you to make a presentation about forensic science and all of the various scientific tests that are available for criminalistics to examine evidence. To prepare for this presentation you must create a PowerPoint presentation that outlines all of the various tests, the type of evidence that would be tested, and how scientific testing may assist investigators in identifying a suspect.

Assignment Requirements

Your paper will be graded using the rubric below.

Your paper will be graded using the Week 2 Homework Rubric located here.

Your PowerPoint presentation should include 10–12 slides of content plus a cover slide and a references slide.

All Academic Integrity policies are in effect. Do not copy or paste material from any source. You should include in-text citations to any referenced material.

Focus on including concepts and bullet points instead of large blocks of text.

You may use graphics, images, and animations where you feel they will be helpful, but do not overuse images.

If you need assistance on creating PowerPoint slides, view this: (Links to an external site.)

There are several sample PowerPoint presentations under Course Resources.

As with any written assignment, spelling and grammar are important, and when using references, make sure to properly cite your sources. See the Syllabus section on APA for more information.


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