DeVry JADM 490 Week 3 Assignment Latest



DeVry JADM 490 Week 3 Assignment Latest



Week 3 Assignment


Spotlight on Career Services Resources (Links to an external site.).

To learn more about Career Services and the resources available to you, please review the Strategies for Success recording, explore the resources inside your student portal, complete the following action items and answer the following questions.

Upload your professional headshot inside HireDeVry 2.0 and include a screenshot below. (5 points)

Create your introduction video and upload inside HireDeVry 2.0. Share the link to your video here. (10 points)

Share what you learned about professional associations. Do you belong to any professional associations? If so, list which ones. If not, which ones listed might be helpful to you in your career that you may consider joining? (5 points)

What actions will you take to prepare for a career in Justice Administration or advance within your career? (10 points)

What tool will you use to help you target your résumé for specific job opportunities? (5 points)

What resources do you have available to help you search for a job? (10 points)

How can you reach Career Services with any questions you may have? (5 points)

Assignment Requirements

  1. 1.Before getting started, watch the following Webex Recording

  1. 2.Questions are worth 5 – 10 points each.
  2. 3.Do not copy and paste material from the Career Services Resources.
  3. 4.Your paper should be prepared in APA 6th
  4. 5.Do not simply list the questions and then answer them.Rather, create concept headings for the various questions. See the information below on how to create headings based on questions.

How to Create Internal Paper Headings Based on Questions

For instance, let’s say you have an assignment that requires you to address the following two issues (not this assignment).

Analyze the relevant literature, and describe whether crime-related television shows influence a person’s attitude about the criminal justice system.

Possible heading: Media Influence on Public Attitudes About Criminal Justice

In the fact pattern, did the officers conduct a reasonable search? Did they have a warrant, or were there any exceptions to the warrant requirement that would apply?

Possible heading: The Search and Warrant Exceptions

Given the evidence at this crime scene, what scientific tests would be most appropriate to test this evidence?

Possible heading: Criminalistics

Should police accept gratuities like free coffee, gifts at Christmas, or a free lunch? Compare and contrast the arguments in favor and against gratuities.

Possible heading: Law Enforcement and Gratuities

What factors in the Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona led the court to conclude that a suspect needs to be advised of his Constitutional rights if he is interrogated in custody? Are there other factors that could lead to a different result?

Possible heading: Constitutional Rights During Interrogation

Two critical issues in corrections are inmates with mental illness and elderly prisoners serving long-term sentences. Should state departments of corrections look at compassionate release for elderly prisoners? Why, or why not? How can prisons deal more effectively with mentally ill inmates?

Possible heading: Challenging Issues in Corrections

Two possible sub-headings: Mentally Ill Inmates, Elderly Inmates

As with any written assignment, spelling and grammar are important, and when using references, make sure to properly cite your sources. See the Syllabus section on APA for more information.

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