NR 702 Week 6 Discussion DeVry


NR 702 Week 6 Discussion DeVry

Week 6 Discussion

Implementation and Evaluation Plans for the DNP Project

Welcome to our Week Six Collaborative Discussion! Please use the NR702 Week 6 Guided Study Worksheet (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. template to complete this discussion. The discussion this week is associated with the implementation and evaluation plans of your project. Within your Week 6 Worksheet you will write the Implementation Plan/Procedures, Data Collection Procedures, Recruitment and Selection, Data Analysis Plan, Instrumentation, Instrument Reliability and Validity, Ethics and Human Subjects Protection sections of your proposal. This project evaluation process uses research methods and data analysis but is intended to evaluate the effectiveness of your practice change rather than generating new knowledge. You will be establishing the evaluation criteria to determine 1) whether the practice change is occurring as you planned it (i.e., formative evaluation criteria) and 2) if your intervention produced the outcome that you intended (summative evaluation criteria). You will select or develop tools for data collection to reflect the criteria, establish a plan for data collection including data collection points and who will collect the data, and develop a data analysis plan including what statistical tests for the data produced in your project evaluation. Follow the guided Study worksheets to ensure that you include all of the detailed information for each section. Information from each guided study worksheet is included in the Week 4 assignment rubric and the week 6 assignment rubric.

Prior to posting your Weekly Worksheets to the Collaborative Discussion forum, submit the document to the Drop-Off Essay Review through Make any needed changes to your paper based on the feedback you receive from the tutoring service.Remember, it can take up to 24 hours to receive feedback from, so be sure to submit your draft to early enough so that you will be able to incorporate feedback, make revisions, and post your assignment to the Collaborative Discussions on time.

Please upload a copy of your worksheet as an attachment, then paste the content of the worksheet into the collaborative discussion.

Review your colleagues’ posts and attached Guided Study Worksheets. Provide content-rich feedback regarding the development of their DNP Project proposals.


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NR 702 Week 6 Discussion DeVry

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NR 702 Week 6 Discussion DeVry


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